In The Soup

Wow, more rain. We’re never going to dry out. Bunrab’s Gutenberg is going to freak.

However, by this time you either have your power back or you’ve jury-rigged something adequate. You’ve probably made at least one trip to the store. You’ve had a day to regroup and re-think. What to do now? Well, stop fiddling with that delivery menu drawer and do like they do at KQED. Make soup.

There are some awesome liquid lunch ideas over on Bay Area Bites. If you’re not the soup-making type, you can at least heat something up out of a can. We’re partial to New England Clam Chowder, which the Chronicle’s Taster’s Choice panel conveniently reviewed back in November.

If you just hate using the stove, or your dark, cold apartment is simply uninhabitable, you could eat some soup in a restaurant. For that, we like to slurp pho, locations for which this old Chowhound thread examines.

So stay warm, San Francisco, and try to keep dry. We’ll brainstorm more actual storm topics as this heavy weather progresses.

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In The Soup