Happy Haggis Day

Do you know what tomorrow is? Apparently it’s Burns Night. This comes as news to us, not being Scottish, but to Scots and Scottish ex-pats worldwide, this is the big night to recite Robert Burns’ poetry, make a whiskey toast to just about everything in the room and eat haggis.

At least most celebrants get to eat haggis. Here in the freedom lovin’ U.S. of A we don’t allow that delightful mix of sheep’s entrails, lungs and whatnot diced with onions and stuffed into a stomach. Not that the staff here at MPSF is particularly eager to get on the other side of one of these monstrosities, but we feel that if assault rifles and Hardee’s Country Breakfast Burritos are permitted in this country, so, too, should haggis be.

To that end, the Grinder is reporting that the Scottish Government is asking the U.S. to reconsider its ban on the pure expression of dietary freedom that is haggis.

If you can somehow get your hands on one, tomorrow night would be the night to do it. This would be the poet’s 247th birthday, which you know is a big year. The man who brought us Olde Lang Syne and Address to a Haggis deserves his drunken due.

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Happy Haggis Day