Good News For Organic Milk Fans

Pennsylvanians will now be able to find out if their milk contains artifical hormones or not. Following intervention by Gov. Rendell’s office, the state Department of Agriculture has changed tacks and is allowing PA-based dairies to publicize the fact that they don’t use artificial hormones in their milk.

Before this week, Pennsylvania Argiculture Secretary Dennis Wolff was sticking to a hard line of forbidding PA dairies from mentioning they use artificial hormones, claiming it would lead customers to believe milk from infected cows was “inferior.”

The use of artificial hormones, such as the Monsanto-manufactured Posilac (which increases milk production by more than 10%), is widespread among American dairies.

Pa. to allow hormone labeling on milk [Inky]

[Image via Ohio Historical Society]

Good News For Organic Milk Fans