Giving Fondue A Second Chance

The long forgotten art of fonduing just got a tip and a nod in the New York Times courtesy of food writer Melissa Clark. She confronted the ungainly 1970s-era reputation of the fondue:

But did fondue always have to be the centerpiece of what inevitably comes off as an I Love the ’70s theme party? What if I wanted to make fondue for two? Would we have to wear bell-bottoms?

However, Clark perservered. She contacted noted chef Terrance Brennan (Artisanal) and ended up making some damn, damn good fondue. Here in Philadelphia, the best spot for the dish is chain The Melting Pot, which has branches in Center City, Chestnut Hill and King of Prussia.

A Little Nostalgia, a Long Fork and Lots of Cheese [NY Times]

[Image via New York Times]


Giving Fondue A Second Chance