Gettin’ Auspicious In Ardmore

We’ve heard a lot about the Ardmore Chinese restaurant Auspicious before. We’re fans of their punny URL and our Main Line pals have, by and large, dug the food.

Foodzings just stopped by Auspicious and found that the portions were too small:

C got the sesame chicken. He was wavering on a decision, but I knew he would get it. It was very breaded and the portion was small. He was still hungry afterwards. We’ve both had far better sesame chicken at my local takeout place. They’re also very very stingy with their rice. You get a very small cup. Way too small for my liking. You have to ration it.

We don’t know about that… It seems to us like Auspicious is trying out normal-size portions like the many other high-end Chinese restaurants in north New Jersey or NYC owned by second- or third- generation Chinese-Americans. Given that a normal portion of sesame chicken at a Chinese takeaway roughly contains 3000 calories, we really do think there might be something to the smaller portion size.

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Gettin’ Auspicious In Ardmore