FYI: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

• Bush pushing for progressive foreign food aid policies (!) [AP]

• Infant malnutrition best treated with paste, not fortified flour [NYTimes]

• The most quintessentially, disgustingly American eating activity ever [NYTimes]

• Desperately poor Haitains reduced to eating mud cookies for survival [Telegraph]

• Organic food prices skyrocketing as demand far outstrips supply [CNN]

• Kraft revenues plunge due to increasing cost of supplies [MarketWatch]

• EU to standardize and simplify its food labeling procedures [Press Assoc.]

• Japan in an uproar over pesticide-laced dumplings from China [Reuters]

• As avocado consumption in U.S. rises, so too do Michoacan farmers [Tribune]

• Central Mexican hen laying gold-tinged green eggs! And they taste fine! [Yahoo]


FYI: Two Sides Of The Same Coin