Flipping Through The Menu Pages

From time to time, and frankly not often enough, we like to take a peek over the fence at other Menupages blogs, just to see what they’re up to. This is one of those times:

Dang. We must have been hallucinating (thanks, Shuna) in an earlier version of this post that indicated that the bartender at Boston’s Vlora threw a punch bowl at the cops when they tried to break up a particularly jovial party there. No, MP Boston editor Leila corrected us, he simply threw a punch. It’s still a great story, though–full of mayhem. [What Happened At Vlora On New Year’s Eve?]

Adam P seems to have taken advantage of a good opportunity over at MP Chicago. A celebrity chef opening two restaurants in the same neighborhood on the same day? Of course that’s blog-worthy, but it takes a special kind of mind to use the word “ballsiness” in the lede. [Opening: Lao Beijing (Or Is It Lao Peking?)]

We’re glad Neal posted something about that NY Times article on “extreme beer.” You may see a unique post from us, as the Bay Area’s very own Moylan’s Tavern, in Novato, plays a big roll. Of course, all MP Philadelphia cared about was the Pennsylvania beers. Typical. [Taking Beer… To The Extreme!]

And way down south, in the state of Florida, MP South Florida celebrates the legalization of Jamon Iberco, which we had no idea was banned, or even existed for that matter. Now, however, we want to eat nothing but. The “Spanish cured ham made from a black pig that eats only acorns,” as Carolina puts it, looks irresistible. [Jamón Ibérico Has Arrived!]

Flipping Through The Menu Pages