First Bite

We got lucky on New Year’s this year. No, not like that. We just ate some of the right stuff for the day. A cup of black-eyed pea soup was the first thing down the gullet after midnight, followed by oysters and a Clamato-mixed Dos Equis the next morning. That was at Tacos Zamorano, where we also enjoyed huevos con jamon, refried beans, rice and some of the best corn tortillas around.

An informal poll of other MP staffers revealed some lucky bites, some classics and some practical first meals of 2008.

Carolina Bolado, of MP South Florida, ate 12 grapes just after midnight, a Spanish good luck tradition. The next morning, she had more grapes, if a little aged, in the form of Raisin Bran, accompanied by an apple cider.

Leila Cohan, MP Boston editor, was too full from linguine carbonara on Monday night to eat a post-midnight snack, but she enjoyed a practical bowl of oat meal on Tuesday morning.

MP Chicago’s Adam Peltz feasted on late-night nachos and a Clif bar to get through that long evening of revelry. The next day started with an omelet with ham, cheddar and cherry tomatoes over hash browns and toast with coffee and a bloody Mary.

And over at MP Chicago, Neal Ungerleider couldn’t be bothered with solids after midnight, but made up for it the next morning with a classic hangover breakfast of cold pizza.

Feel free to write in with your own first bites, and please include in your 2008 resolutions a promise to enjoy more, if not all, meals for the adventure or solace they can provide.

First Bite