Exurban Chicago QOTD: Praying Is For Sissies!

You know all that crazy weather from yesterday? Well, there was a freak tornado near Rockford and in a dozen other spots around the Midwest as well. The AP spoke with Al Ost, storm victim:

Al Ost said he “prayed like a sissy” as he fled to the basement of his house in Boone County, Ill. The storm damaged a barn on his property, he told the Rockford Register Star.

OMG, what exactly does it mean to pray like a sissy? Does that imply that all prayer is for sissies, or just praying for your life? Also, Al Ost has a mere five letters in his name. How efficient and concise! Anyway, all this confirms what we’ve always suspected: God’s for ladymen. You can take that to the bank.

Rare Winter Tornadoes Pop Up in Midwest [AP]


Exurban Chicago QOTD: Praying Is For Sissies!