Elsewhere In The Menuniverse: Politics & Gold Teeth

• MP:Boston did a yeowoman’s job earlier today, compiling the presidential candidates’ (D & R) views on food and agriculture policy. Would you be surprised to learn that many of the Republicans don’t have clear plans on this issue? Even the ones who used to be fat!

• MP:Philly found a photo of a medically themed restaurant and bar in Singapore. Looking at the picture, we thought it was just an example of South East Asian quirkiness, but apparently the restaurant is a tribute to Damien Hirst. We like concept restaurants as much as the next guy, but after the diamond skull thing, we’re sort of turned off.

• MP:SoFla has a story on a man who was kicked out of a restaurant for having gold teeth. Evidently, he violated the pub’s policy on “no grills,” which says a hell of a lot about West Palm Beach, now doesn’t it. Don’t you take grills off when you eat and drink? You should, even if you don’t have to!

• MP:SF references Chicago’s own Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap - which we had noted is now serving what’re probably the world’s spiciest wings - in his post on spicy options in the Bay Area. This was worth mentioning because we have spiciness on the brain today.


Elsewhere In The Menuniverse: Politics & Gold Teeth