Dunkin’ Donuts Says No To Neon

We Bostonians have a history of getting rather attached to our neon signage. In 1983, Citgo floated the idea of taking down the company’s giant neon sign in Kenmore Square. To their surprise, they were met with tremendous opposition until they finally agreed to refurbish and restore the sign to its original glory. Now, 24 years later, another Boston neon landmark is slated to be removed. The Globe reports that Dunkin’ Donuts is planning to dismantle the fifty year old neon Dunkie’s sign on North Beacon Street in Brighton. Dunkin’ Brands communications manager Andrew Mastrangelo alleges that the sign has “deteriorated to an unacceptable condition.” Mastrangelo indicated that Dunkin’ Donuts will “work with the community and city officials on plans for a replacement sign”, but we’re a bit skeptical.

Safety is, of course, of paramount importance and if the current sign is unsafe in some way, we certainly support a change. We worry, however, that the reason that the current sign is “unacceptable” is simply because it’s out of date and doesn’t conform to the official company logo and image. We’ll be very sad if we drive by North Beacon Street in a few months and see the same boring square Dunkie’s sign we can see at every other intersection in this city.

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[Photo: Bostonist]


Dunkin’ Donuts Says No To Neon