Double Dip The Right Way

(above: gross)

This article in the New York Times is making its way around the blogosphere, and with good reason. For anybody who’s ever attended a party, the spectre of double-dipping looms in the background of the hors-d’eovres table. The article covers a study that found, (surprise, surprise!) that double-dipping a chip is a good way to spread germs. Well, duh.

It’s a problem because most chips, crackers, vegetable slices and other dip-able things are too big for a one-dip, one-bite policy. Often you need that second load of dip to comfortably get through the vehicle. Now, science has proved that if you ram that cracker back into the cheese sauce, you’re a jerk who’s intent on getting everyone else sick. What’s a dip glutton to do.

It’s so simple, people, that if you’re not already in this habit, maybe you really are a jerk. You just turn the chip, vegetable, cracker or whatever around and dip the other, un-bitten-from end. Yes, it requires a bit more dexterity, but we think you can handle it. This way, you keep the dip relatively sanitary while also getting your fill. Win-win, right?

Oh, and of course, wash those hands before you even get near a shared appetizer platter. During Superbowl/flu season, we can’t stress that enough.

Dip Once or Dip Twice? [NY Times]

Double Dip The Right Way