DOA Makes You Wait Longer to Eat Frankenbeef; Find Dinner on FoodTube

Though the FDA approved the sale of meat and dairy from cloned animals, the Department of Agriculture is asking farmers to postpone introducing cloned animals into the food supply until they can calm retailers and overseas trading partners. [NYT]
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The list of restaurateurs interested in snatching up Tavern on the Green when its lease expires at the end of the year has expanded to include heavyweights such as Danny Meyer, Drew Nieporent, and the Ciprianis. [NYP]

The Great Restaurant Critic Notebook Caper of 2008 continues! With confirmation that it belongs to neither Frank Bruni nor Danyelle “Restaurant Girl” Freeman, the search for its owner goes on. [Eater]
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At Wylie Dufresne’s wedding last week, guests dined on barbecue, and not even good barbecue from the sound of it. No molecules to be found anywhere. [NYP]

Presidential candidates and their wives (in some cases) are going after voters’ stomachs by posting dessert recipes on Websites and taking place in cookie contests. [NYS]

A Japanese researcher claims that fortune cookies originated in Japan, which helps to explain their conspicuous absence in China. [NYT]

Wondering how the Blue Ribbon empire came to be? Frank Bruni provides a companion backgrounder on the brothers Bromberg for his review of their newest venue, Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Reflecting a new trend of chefs who revel in bumping off the animals they cook, Jamie Oliver killed a chicken on British TV last week not as a snuff video but rather to illustrate what “a reasonably pleasant death” looks like. [NYT]

This list of top-ten burgers includes fist-shaped offerings from Shorty’s.32, Prune, and Back Forty. [TONY]

DOA Makes You Wait Longer to Eat Frankenbeef; Find Dinner on FoodTube