Dinkel’s Subliminal Advertising: Low Fat Bran Muffins

We got this ad for Dinkel’s low fat bran muffins in our email today, and we can’t help but feel, especially with the brown background, that we’re being targeted as a post-Christmas/New Year’s constipation sufferer. Not that we even are such a thing! But we’ve heard many reports from friends and enemies of difficulty in that arena, and we can just imagine them looking at these high fiber depth charges and thinking, aha!

But the best part comes at the bottom of the advertisement, which reads:

(Comes in 2 packages of 6…ALSO a great gift for you VEGAN friends!)

OMG MY VEGAN FRIENDS ARE GONNA LOVE THIS SH*T. The devil knows why vegan requires all caps, but we’re totally on board.

Lowfat Raisin Bran Muffins - One Dozen [Dinkel’s Bakery]

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[Photo: from their promotional email]


Dinkel’s Subliminal Advertising: Low Fat Bran Muffins