Dining On Roadkill, Vermin, Politics

Our stars, is there a lot of talk about small woodland creatures today! First, Monica Eng is all over raccoons, supplementing the Trib’s article on their popularity - she takes a trip, skinned ‘coon in hand, to Moto, where Homaru Cantu does something weird, brilliant and delicious with it.

And if that wasn’t enough, Mike Huckabee is all over the airwaves talking about eating grits (fine) and how he used to fry squirrels in popcorn machines during college:

Squirrels! Popcorn machines! For that matter, college! (He went to college?) Oh my. Have a politically active weekend.

With raccoon carcass, Moto chefs unmask a tasty dish [Tribune]

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Mike Huckabee: Fried Squirrel Out of a Popcorn Popper [YouTube]

Dining On Roadkill, Vermin, Politics