Demi and Ashton Not the Box’s Favorite Patrons; PM Closing for January

Box owner Simon Hammerstein is happy one of his performers spilled a drink on Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher this week. [NYP]

2008 probably won’t be the year that sees the establishment of a large, indoor public market along the lines of London’s Borough Market or San Francisco’s farmer’s market. [NYT]
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Gael Greene puts forth her list of culinary predictions for the New Year, including this gem: “Jeffrey Chodorow and Frank Bruni will have a food fight in Madison Square Park televised by the Food Network. If Bruni loses he will be required to review restaurants in Des Moines for six months. If Chodorow is the loser he will be forbidden to open a new restaurant for three weeks.” [Insatiable Critic]

Steve Cuozzo must have had some hangover last January, as an article marveling at the ease of scoring hot reservations in these early weeks of the year fails to mention that this is the case every year. [NYP]

PM and Club Myst/Retox will take a state-mandated trip on the wagon this month, so you’ll have to pay too much for booze elsewhere. [NYO]

Veal consumption continues to decrease in the U.S., but some industry folks are trying to give the ethically charged meat a nicer image, nice like a cute baby calf. [NYS]

If you haven’t quite put the finishing touches on that list of resolutions yet, consult this list of 100 things to eat in 2008. [Food & Wine]
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Demi and Ashton Not the Box’s Favorite Patrons; PM Closing for January