DelCo’s Secret Roast Beef Spot

We don’t journey to south Delaware County often. No, not at all. But Roadfood does and they’ve tipped us off to a hell of a beast. Boothwyn’s Chamberlain’s Roast Beef, located on the Booths Corner Farmers Market near the Delaware border, makes an epic sandwich:

As you enter, look to your right and gaze upon the huge joints of roasted meat sitting across from the counter fronted by half a dozen stools (there’s also a very casual and brightly lit dining area to the left). The beef is pink and cool, sliced by hand, and piled high on a hard roll with the garnishes of your choice. The fairly thick-sliced meat is supremely tender, gristle-free and nearly fatless (even though the whole roast is clearly well-fatted; they take care in trimming the meat for sandwiches). Tables are outfitted with prepared horseradish, always a good idea with roast beef sandwiches.

Look at that roast, people. LOOK AT IT.

Chamberlain’s Roast Beef [Official Site]
Chamberlain’s Roast Beef [Roadfood]

[Image via Roadfood]

DelCo’s Secret Roast Beef Spot