Cooking The Good Fight

By now we’ve had two friends who have gone through chemo/radiation therapy for two different kinds of cancer. Both of these friends were in their 20s. One lived, the other died, but both times, when we heard the news of the disease, we were destroyed. The first time we sat in the apartment, not knowing what to do or say, just processing. The second time, we cooked Spanish rice.

There is an excellent article today on Bay Area Bites about cooking for someone undergoing chemo. This is the nastiest of all drug treatments, and our heart genuinely goes out to you and yours if you or a loved one is suffering through it.

From experience, we can tell you, it is better to make rice, or some other foodstuff, and bring it over to the loved one’s house, fluffing pillows and returning videos while you’re there, than it is to sit in the apartment and do nothing. Bringing food to a sick person may seem anathema in this age of delivery, but we’re convinced that it helps both you and your tormented friend.

There’s an old-school, “’it takes a village” mentality about making and delivering food that conveys love in a very tangible way. This will help your friend to not only have something to eat, but also to be reminded that he or she has people rooting for him or her. It will also help you stay sane, knowing that you are doing something real to help. We think that helps both of you retain hope during a most unpleasant, life-threatening time.

Here’s wishing you and all your loved ones good health, dear reader.

Cooking For People Undergoing Chemo & Radiation [Bay Area Bites]

Cooking The Good Fight