Con Sabor Cubano Grand Opening Par-Tay Tomorrow Night!

Yesterday, we dropped really loud hints about an upcoming grand opening, so you can exhale now ‘cause we’re giving you the scoop. Con Sabor Cubano, the new cubano (or is it Cubano? or cubano?!) shop in Lincoln Square, is hosting a grand opening party after business hours (7pm) on Saturday. It’s supposed to be for friends and family (and media?) so don’t too many of you go, but if you do, expect “some adult beverages” and “samples of all sandwiches on the menu.”

On our scorecard, the sandwich samples are a lot more exciting than the booze. There are six to choose from: aside from the classic Cuban, CSC sandwich offerings include roasted pork, Palomilla steak, Medianoche*, Frita Cubana (a burger with shoestring fries on the bun!), and shredded beef in tomato sauce. All the sandwiches, except the frita, are $5.25-$6.25. Why the burger is only $3.75 is beyond us, but that’s a good value!

And if you don’t like adult beverages, Con Sabor Cubano sells nifty Cuban sodas like Ironbeer, which comes highly recommended by Carolina of MP:South Florida (and she knows her Cuban sodas). For eighty-five cents, you can’t really go that wrong - it’s worth it for the graphic design alone.

Con Sabor Cubano [MenuPages]

[Photo: Ironbeer on Wikipedia. Although it would be better if it didn’t call so much attention to its age.]

* we’ve been on the medianoche beat since last April!


Con Sabor Cubano Grand Opening Par-Tay Tomorrow Night!