Coming Soon: Boqueria, Part Dos

If it's full, keep walking to Downing Street — maybe.
If it’s full, keep walking to Downing Street — maybe. Photo: Carmen Lopez and AJ Wilhelm

If you’ve ever had the experience of squeezing past the Scylla and Charybdis of Boqueria’s tightly packed models and hams, you’ve probably wished the place were a little bigger. Owner Yann de Rochefort is now in talks to find a space for a bigger downtown Boqueria. And the leading candidate? None other than 10 Downing Street. That is to say, 10 Downing Street south, the southern of two storefronts in the building across from Da Silvano — as opposed to the other 10 Downing, north, the almost-home of Scott Bryan’s 10 Downing and now said to be the future kitchen of “Desperate Chef” Jason Neroni. (To add to the confusion, 10 Downing is also the name as well as the partial address of the latter restaurant.)

“It’s one of several spaces we are looking at, but nothing has been signed yet,” Rochefort said. “We need a larger space to accommodate all the people that want tapas.” 10 Downing south is considered an unlucky space by some, what with its difficult crossing and the fact that there hasn’t been a successful restaurant there since, well, ever, but Rochefort likes it for its ready proximity to Sixth Avenue and the traffic generated by Da Silvano. We’ll let you know when a lease is signed.

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Coming Soon: Boqueria, Part Dos