Cocktail Roundup

Yes, yes, we normally wait a while before dishing up the Chronicle Over Cocktails on Fridays, and this Friday is the same, but cocktail news happens elsewhere in the local blogosphere, people, and there’s enough of interest that we thought we’d do an early-afternoon roundup just to get you thinking about happy hour. During these dreary winter days, it’s on everybody’s mind.

Speaking of dreary winter days, Jessica Battilana has a nice piece up on 7x7’s Bits and Bites on hot cocktails. She provides a recipe for a hot toddy that includes star anise. Ha, hoity toddy is more like it! No, actually, hot is better. [Trend: Hot Cocktails]

Elsewhere at 7x7, Jordan Mackay blogs about his recent trip to Nopa. Sounsd great, but we’re amazed he was able to find the keyboard after the description of his little sampler. [The Beauty Of Nopa]

Alcademics brings news of a new, ceremonial wedding cocktail [A new tradition: the unity cocktail]

And while it’s not exactly a cocktail post, per se, we thought it would be worth mentioning the exhaustive Bay Area Bites report on Russia House, that looming restaurant that overlooks the 101 at Bayshore, promising good times and vodka for all. [Russia House]

Photo: One of Jordan Mackay’s many, many tastes at Nopa

Cocktail Roundup