Cochon Is French For Pig

Not too long ago, South Philadelphia wasn’t exactly a hotbed for French restaurants. In fact, there wasn’t much besides Italian and Vietnamese food until 2001, if we recall correctly. Then Tacqueria La Veracruzana and La Lupe opened the doors for Mexican and the hipsters discovered Passyunk Avenue a few years later… and starting in 2005, a whole bunch of French places opened. All right; a ton of French restaurants opened.

Cochon is among the newest of the crop, and as the name indicates, it’s all about the pork. Craig LaBan just turned his mildly benevolent gaze to the resto:

The cochon cameos are frequent and effective on this small, appealing menu. Among the most memorable were the sublimely tender 12-hour roasted pork shoulder. Those bay-scented morsels of garlicky meat came scattered atop a soulful bowl of roasted brussels sprouts and bacon-braised Puy lentils topped with a white balloon of soft-poached egg.

But remember, if you’re headed there… it’s cash-only.

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Cochon Is French For Pig