City to Reenact Calorie-Display Rule; Bloodbath Near Spotlight Live

The city’s Board of Health is set to reenact its legally contested rule requiring all restaurants with fifteen or more eateries nationwide to post the caloric value of food items on their menus. [NYDN]
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Restaurants and nightclubs currently owe the city $14 million in health-code violation fines, which means that high-roller venues like the Rainbow Room can get away with stiffing the city out of $50. [NYP]

Times Square’s Spotlight Live became the latest scene of club violence when one man was killed and five others stabbed there yesterday morning. [NYDN]

Mario Batali says his cooking-show co-star Gwyneth Paltrow’s hospitalization was the result of her being temporarily ill but “it’s now been straightened out.” [NYP]

Magazine editors Kate White and Dave Zinczenko had to flee the Waverly Inn on Thursday night to escape a flood. [NYP]

Why is Harry Cipriani still so popular? It’s hard to say for sure, but most likely it’s because the restaurant appeals to diners’ inclination to throw away money and act like big shots. And who hasn’t felt that urge? [NYT]

Le Cirque owner Sirio Maccioni was spotted stopping into Burger King for a chicken sandwich while at the Sundance Film Festival. [NYP]

If you’re still not sure how to embrace Shake Shack’s glory in the deathly cold of winter, this how-to video might be of use. [A Hamburger Today]

Wine expert Tim Hanni doesn’t drink but instead recommends bottles based on how you take your coffee. Or something. It sounds pretty shady to us, anyway. [WSJ]

City to Reenact Calorie-Display Rule; Bloodbath Near Spotlight Live