Calories to Show Up on Menus Starting March 31; Mercury Levels Horrifically High in Tuna Sushi

The Board of Health decided yesterday in a unanimous vote to make all chain restaurants with fifteen or more outlets – approximately 10 percent of the city’s restaurants – post calorie info on their menus starting March 31. RIP, 1,230-calorie triple Whopper with cheese. [CNN]

Laboratory tests run on sushi samples from twenty Manhattan stores and restaurants revealed shockingly high levels of mercury in bluefin tuna, so high that the FDA could technically take the fish off the market. And if you’ve got to have your tuna sushi, you’d best head to Fairway and avoid Blue Ribbon Sushi at all costs. [NYT]

Gourmet editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl is “obsessed with” Momofuku Ssäm Bar, “like everyone else in New York,” according to her. [TONY]

One If By Land, Two If By Sea chef Craig Hopson didn’t exactly love the restaurant’s menu before he was hired to revamp it last fall: “Desserts were terrible, and there were huge portions.” [Metromix]

Unsurprisingly, couples who work in the food industry have pretty good taste in restaurants they like to go out to on date nights. [Metromix]

Ratatouille, the critically beloved animated film from Pixar about a Parisian rat with gourmet sensibilities, has been nominated for five Academy Awards. [Vulture]

Despite persisting rumors, Thomas Keller will not be opening an L.A. outpost of Per Se. [Eater L.A.]

South Korean artist Sang-Wook Lee makes giant sculptures out of dried ramen noodles, sometimes using as many as 20,000 bricks of the college-student favorite for one piece. [CNN]

While some of the country’s more progressive cafés brew your coffee with the $11,000 Clover machine, only San Francisco’s Blue Bottle Coffee can serve you java made with the $20,000 halogen-powered siphon bar. [NYT]

This just in: Red meat still not good for you, especially eating two or more servings of it a day. [NYP]

Steve Cuozzo likes a good sea scallop like anyone else, but he’s had so many of varying quality in this town that he wonders if something’s starting to go wrong with the ocean’s supply. [NYP]

Is Starbucks ready to roll out drinks at consumer-friendly prices? The coffee giant is currently testing a $1 cup of coffee, as well as free refills for some beverages in its Seattle stores. [WSJ]

Calories to Show Up on Menus Starting March 31; Mercury Levels Horrifically High