Bourdain Blasts The Food Network…Again

As you might recall, shortly before Christmas, we became aware of a mighty confusing press release from the Food Network that stated that they were planning to return Anthony Bourdain’s 2002 series A Cook’s Tour. Although the press release was referring only to reruns of the show, it was worded in such a way that a lazy (and/or feverish, which is what this reader was) reader could interpret it to mean that A Cook’s Tour was coming back with new episodes, which would have been rather hypocritical of Bourdain, given the many, many occasions on which he’s made scathing remarks about the Food Network over the past few years.

Now, several weeks later, Bourdain has issued a response and oh! It’s a doozy. In his new blog on the Travel Channel’s website, he rails against the Food Network’s decision to rerun his show, comparing it to “being unexpectedly groped and publicly slipped the tongue by the ugliest girl at the prom. You’re flattered by the attention - but frankly … embarrassed.” He goes on to further lambaste the Food Network, mentioning everything from “the look of sheer…terror” in Paula Deen’s eyes to the fact that Food Network executives are, at this point, openly admitting that they have little idea about where the channel is going. All in all, it’s the best swift takedown we’ve read in quite some time and we highly recommend reading it. It will totally spice up your post-lunch doldrums.

Notes From The Road…Hawaii [Anthony Bourdain’s Blog]

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Bourdain Blasts The Food Network…Again