Blog Reviews: Week Of Colllllld!

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• Who in Pilsen doesn’t like a good tostada? Get one at Azteca, which boasts an Internet-enabled jukebox [Chicagoist]

• Earning a double review this week, Crisp is a new trendy Korean restaurant in Wrigleyville especially noted for its fried chicken, which may well be the best Asian fried chicken in the city. Rejoice! [The Stew & Hungry Mag]

• Totally cool-sounding new gastropub The Filthy Libertine wises up Lincoln Park with chef-driven industry nights (be on the lookout for Dale Levitski next Monday) [TOC Blog]

• Aside from donating their profits toward feeding the hungry, First Slice Cafe makes a delicious, messy vegetarian sandwich [Chicagoist]

• The fact that it’s really easy to like wine bars is working heavily in the favor of Prosecco, a likeable River North wine bar [The Stew]

• Finding decent Americanized Chinese delivery can be difficult, so put Wing Hoe on your short list if you’re in the neighborhood [Chicago Foodies]

• Korean-style froyo (i.e. Pinkberry) to debut at Wow Bao, which always likes to stay on top of Asian-food-trends-in-America [TOC Blog]

[Photo: Lake Michigan, frozen, gdaph/flickr]

Blog Reviews: Week Of Colllllld!