Best Of MenuPages Reviews: More First Post(s)!

We may not do reviews at MenuPages, but our legions of users are all over that. Here are five of interest.

It’s exciting when a restaurant gets its first review on MenuPages! Or okay, maybe only exciting for us. But hey, it gets the ball rolling - more than half of the restaurant featured in our last first post BOMPR have subsequently received additional reviews. No one said it had to be causal, either!

Coco’s - on January 8th, “geezy” wrote a review entitled “I go Loco for Cocos”:

Coco has great fish, baked chicken burgers, and side dishes. It’s the closest that your going to come to soul food in the downtown area. The service is slower than most fast food joints but the food is better. The talapia special w/ sides of Cornbread stuffing and Macaroni is my favorite. The fried lobster is worth trying.

Yes, Coco’s fried lobster is famous.

Illinois Bar & Grill - on January 9th, “Christie” wrote a review entitled “Greatest Burgers in Town:

My office frequents this restaurant for lunch. Most the time we do carry-out. The staff has always been very friendly, the food is ready within 20 minutes and the portions are HUGE! There is nothing bad on the menu as far as we can tell and have tried almost everything at one point or another. I have only been here once in the evening and we played pool and had a great time. Fantastic food and great fun atmosphere. I highly recommend it.

This might be a shill, even though everything in it is more or less reasonable. Actually, precisely because everything in it is more or less reasonable! Please feel free to refute this.

King Crab Tavern & Seafood - on January 12th, “Anonymous” wrote a review entitled “Hidden Jem”:

I was very surprised by the delicious seafood at King Crab. The crab cakes and oysters are excellent. We usually overlook this restaurant when were are in the neighborhood, but we will definitely go again. We sat at the bar because we had theater tickets and wanted to get in an out quickly. However, we had ta liitle trouble getting our bill.

The story is believable enough. We just took a vote and decided 1-0 that neither “gem” nor its backward cousin “jem” may ever be used in a restaurant review, ever again. Especially when prepended by “hidden.” Got that?

Nonna’s Italian Pizzeria - on January 13th, “Anonymous” wrote a review entitled “awesome pizza in old town”:

i was so sick of the tomato head, and here comes nonna’s, right off the l.
i love the pizza from the garden. their pizzas are like artwork.

We tend not to trust reviews that reference other restaurants. Do you work for Nonna’s, mister or misses Anonymous? If so, a plague on both your houses.

Skylark - On January 14th, “Anonymous” wrote a review entitled “Delicious burgers!”:

Skylark Burgers are delicious. Good choice of beers on tap and reasonably priced drinks. Chill low key bar with a hipster crowd!

Fine, whatever. Maybe this guy and the Illinois Bar & Grill guy (“Christie” is made up) should fight about burger supremacy! Check Please, with knives out? If the writers strike goes on for much longer…

Best Of MenuPages Reviews: More First Post(s)!