Best Of MenuPages Reviews: Mexican Restaurants

We may not do reviews at MenuPages, but our legions of users are all over that. Here are four of interest.

What’s notable about this set of Mexican restaurant reviews is how they get better as the week drags on:

• “Great deals and delicous tortas n sopes” by Christina on 1/22 for Bravo’s Pizza Taqueria:

This place has wonderful pan pizzas with great deals on the coupons im only writtig about what i kno and there tortas ive ordered are great i recomend a sope de carne a pastor really versitille and delicious and only 2.50.

We approve of pizzeria/taquerias only marginally more than Thai/sushi. In such hybrid restaurants, it’s impossible for both cuisines to be good and likely that neither are. But by all means, if you’re in and around Hermosa, try their versatile sopes.

• “I love this place” by Amy on 1/23 for El Tapatio:

El Tapatio is the best Mexican food on the Northside. The food is yummy, the service is excellent, and the margaritas are strong! The food and drinks are a great value and I love the street side patio opened during the summer.

El Tapatio is not the best Mexican food on the Northside. On the other hand, every review its gotten has mentioned the drinks, so if you want to get plastered while surrounded by chips and salsa, El Tapatio is probably a good bet.

• “Solid Mexican food in Rogers Park” by Anonymous on 1/25 for Rocky’s Tacos:

We stop here all the time on the way home to pick up dinner. It’s always very fast, very fresh, and really tasty. Not the best Mexican food in the world, but I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve ordered… although I admit I’m a little afraid of the pork+chicken+pork+beef+cheese torta. Their tortas are huge, and you can get them even huger if you think you can handle it. I recommend this place for anybody in the ‘hood looking for a good, cheap, fast meal.

We appreciate the honesty and middle-of-the-roadness of this review. Also, we can haz pork+chicken+pork+beef+cheese torta kthxbai?

• Prepare yourselves for a mother of a review entitled “Bring the book ‘War and Peace’ with you,” left on 1/26 by Fortune Cookie for Mundial Cocina Mestiza:

My family went to Mundial last night for an early dinner (we arrived there at 5:30 p.m.) and will probably not go back there. Although the food was good, the overall lack of customer service to the patrons and length of time it took to get our food are not worth it. Arriving at 5:30 p.m., even on a Friday night, is still early, but still took forever to get our food.

Mundial is a B.Y.O.B. which not only stands for “Bring Your Own Beer” but also stands for the following:

- “Bring your own beverage” (in the 2+ hours we were there, not once did someone come by and fill our water glasses)

- “Bring your own book” (took over 25 minutes to get our appetizers and over 35 minutes to get our entrees. If you plan on going to the restaurant, bring some books to pass the time)

- “Bring your own blackberry” (same comment as above. Maybe if we had some books and our blackberrys, it would have distracted us from being frustrated at the length of time it took to get our food)

- “Bring your own bisquits” (as we were starving, from the length of time it took to get our appetizers and entrees, it would be best if you brought your own bisquits or a granola bar….the restaurant doesn’t give you anything (i.e. bread, etc) when you sit down)

- “Bring your own blanket” (was freezing in the restaurant. Had our down filled long coats on the entire 2 hours we were there)

I’m pretty patient when it comes to food (being an avid foodie), however, although Mundial’s food was good, it was not worth the length it time it took to get our food, the sub zero temperatures, the unbalanced speaker system, pricey (were 3 adults and a 3 year old: ordered 2 appetizers, and 3 entrees, and the bill was $100, with 15% tip, although I wanted to tip 10% but was vetoed), and that’s without any drinks) and the overall lack of customer service and attention to the patrons. I may be persuaded to go again, but only under one circumstance….that I be the first patron in the restaurant when it opens so I could get my food before I start looking at my dinner companion’s arm like it was a pork chop.

Now as clever as the conceit of this review is, we don’t know if we can get outraged over $100 including tax and tip for four people, even if one of those people is a three year old. This person sounds pretty high-maintenance, and although we sympathize with having to entertain a toddler for two hours, we kind of don’t. And also, if no one’s refilling your water, you gotta ask. Better to be forceful than thirsty!

[Photo: chiles en nogada @ Mundial Cocina Mestiza via cal222/flickr]

Best Of MenuPages Reviews: Mexican Restaurants