Best Of 7x7

So yesterday 7x7 posted the results of its readers’ poll for San Francisco’s best everything in food and drink. Some highlights:

Gary Danko took best overall/best service
Boulevard took best classic
Bacar took best wine list
A 16 took best first date
Citizen Cake took best dessert
Nick’s Crispy Tacos took best meal under $15

Most of these choices seem fine, if a bit subjective, but there’s one on which we have to question the judgement of 7x7’s readers. Best Mexican: La Taqueria. Really? They’ve got great tacos, but overall best Mexican? Highly questionable. We’ll refer you to the experts at Burritoeater for a discussion.

One thing that jumps to mind, aside from one’s own personal opinion of La Taqueria’s popularity, is, if Nick’s Crispy Tacos got best meal under $15 and meals at La Taqueria are under $15, and Nick’s Crispy Tacos is also a Mexican Joint, well, which is it, 7x7 readers?

We’d be very interested to know what Menupages SF readers think of as best Mexican in SF.

Meanwhile, the 7x7 list is quite a bit of fun, and we’re glad they put it together, especially because it comes opposite the weeklies’ lists, both of which go up in the summer.

Eat and Drink Awards 2008 [7x7]

Best Of 7x7