Best Food Critic Takedown. Ever.

Andrew Zimmern, host of the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods, is also Mpls.St.Paul magazine’s restaurant critic. A Minneapolis restauteur, Mitch Omer, just happened to write a vicious takedown of Zimmern’s print criticism. It ranks as one of the most bilious commentaries on a print journalist that we’ve ever seen. Most of it is unprintable here.

However, we’ll print a few excerpts:

1: “His orations involve an immense waste of time. But, like slowing down to look at a morbid and horrifying accident, I read his column every month. His gastronomic fatalism sorely tries the patience of every chef and restaurateur in Minneapolis. He is inaccurate and tremendously negative; a perfect tabloid weapon. But, Andrew, you have been playing without an opponent, and I must say, it’s my turn at bat.”

2: “How dare you put yourself above more seasoned food writers like Jeremy Iggers, Ann Bauer, Kathy Jenkins, Peter Lilienthal, Dara Moskowitz, Rick Nelson, Lynne Rosetto Kasper, and let’s not forget the late Pam Sherman. There is no objectivity here, only platitude prescriptions for whatever ails you each month. Take a booster shot of your own medicine, dude, you’ll feel better in a day or so.”

3: “Further down on this self-absorbed blog, I found one of his little secrets…asking his blog readers for their input, since he was too busy to attend some events. (Don’t believe me? I quote Zimmern himself, “Any great pull quotes you heard from the recent Anthony Bordain visit to Minneapolis? I was in NYC doing the Today Show, so I couldn’t attend.”) Hey MSP editors, who ya paying?” But then it got good…I found out I’m not alone! I discovered a website called “Chowhound” that was upset at Zimmern for snagging their moniker. Readers were almost unanimous in their, um, “reservations” about our local-boy-made-big-TV-foodstar really being a poseur.”

4: “Where does this cat come from, and just what do the execs see in him? Lack of good journalism leaves a hole in his articles and food blog. If you swallow any of this offal, do not induce vomiting.”

5: ” Personally, I am over-Zimmerned and under-whelmed. He seems possessed with his own ego, and I say, “Ban thee Satan from this body, and exorcise the evil within.” As for me, I’ll get down on my knees and pray to St. Jude, patron saint of lost causes. Such is my fate. The fallout from this diatribe could be catastrophic, given his “high profile” of magazine columns, blogs, television show appearances, et al. I wish he’d leave the writing to better journalists, and continue to roam the globe eating bugs on the Travel channel.”

With all that said, we just wish our family-friendly blog could have quoted a few of Omer’s f-bombs. But you’ll have to click on the link above for the full scoop.

Ode to a Sycophant [The Rake]

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Best Food Critic Takedown. Ever.