Bayless Abounds

Heads up, people, the head gringo in charge of Chicago’s Frontera Grill, Frontera Fresco and, now, San Francisco’s Frontera Fresco (menu coming soon), is coming to town. He’ll be in the basement of Macy’s, near his newest joint on Saturday. This from SF City Dish:

Enjoy a sneak peek, and a free taste of the exotic Mexican street food which made Rick famous. Plus, pick-up a copy of “Great Gatherings”, the exclusive Macy’s Culinary Council cookbook. Rick will even sign it for you! *

Don’t worry about that asterisk. It doesn’t appear to refer to anything.

So we’re thinking of a contest: Where will Bayless eat while he’s in town? Is he more likely to hit up Ojos De Agua, or some other famed taco truck, will he station himself in Taqueria El Castillito or some such stape or will he flounce into Mexico DF with an air of superiority? Frankly, if it was us, we’d probably do all three. Maybe he will to. Call his visit and we’ll buy you a beer. No kidding.

Restaurant Opening/Celebrity Chef Book Signing
[SF City Dish]

Bayless Abounds