Atlantic City Struggles For Celebrity Chefs

Since Atlantic City falls within the area of our blog coverage, we thought that a recent article about AC’s struggle to draw celebrity chefs would be of interest. Numerous local boosters and buisnessfolks are trying to create a more Las Vegas-like restaurrant scene centered around the Borgata. The Borgata already has restaurants operated by Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck and Michael Mina. Here’s the word from the AP:

If Atlantic City wants to elevate its dining choices, it must continue bringing better restaurants as Las Vegas did, said Bobby Flay, a popular Food Network celebrity chef with restaurants in New York, Las Vegas and since last year, Atlantic City.

“I think that there’s definitely a trend in better food,” he said. “What’s really interesting is that Vegas has taken a lot of their gambling dollars and shifted to them to entertainment and dining.”

Atlantic City’s gamble: Can it draw top chefs for eateries? [Newsday/AP]


Atlantic City Struggles For Celebrity Chefs