At the End of the Day, Nicole Kaplan Likes Ring Dings

Nicole Kaplan, sundae fan.
Nicole Kaplan, sundae fan. Photo: Patrick McMullan

We told you on Wednesday that Nicole Kaplan was leaving Del Posto for the Plaza, and today we can tell you why: She’s not crazy about cooking Italian food. “I guess I just missed my style; I wasn’t loving Italian food as much as I thought I would. My style is American food with a strong French–training influence.”

At the Plaza, Kaplan will create desserts for the Palm Court, the Rose Club and Champagne Bar, and room service. (The Oak Room is run separately.) “We’re still developing the menu here, but I can tell you that there will be a lot of ice cream. I love a sundae with a lot of whipped cream. And toppings. It’s always about the toppings for me.” Sounds pretty traditional compared to the avant-garde concoctions beloved by many of today’s top pastry chefs. “I like dessert to be dessert,” says Kaplan. “I enjoy those other styles, but it’s not my style. The dessert should be a release at the end of the meal: comforting and recognizable. I still like Ring Dings!” Kaplan’s dessert program will be in full effect when the Plaza reopens in March.

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At the End of the Day, Nicole Kaplan Likes Ring Dings