A Wing Bowl For Vegans

Forget about the Wing Bowl. For the vegans, the real buffalo wing eating competition is around 105 miles away in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

That’s because W-burg veggie fast food joint Foodswings is sponsoring a “Vegan Buffalo Wing Eating Contest” on Wednesday, January 16. To quote the Brooklyn Paper, who just wrote the event up:

In an event that can only be called revolutionary, once timid, tree-hugging, animal-loving vegans are being invited to take off their gloves (organic cotton, of course) and get up to their elbows in spicy wings just like those thug-like omnivores. Foodswings, a vegan fast-food joint in Williamsburg, will be starting a fun, cruelty-free tradition when they hold the first ever “Vegan Buffalo Wing Eating Contest” on Wednesday, Jan. 16. Contestants, herbivore and omnivore alike, have registered to battle for prizes including cash, T-shirts, tattoo gift cards and of course, ultimate bragging rights in the soy flesh eating community. Bikers, hipsters, musicians and artists are just some of the people stretching their stomachs for the big day.

The event is sponsored by Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.

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[Image via Brooklyn Paper]

A Wing Bowl For Vegans