Yet Another Open Letter

Dear Lucky Star Bus,

For reasons both personal and professional, we find ourself traveling between Boston and New York very frequently. Since we don’t have the extravagant funding to take either Amtrak or the Delta shuttle, we rely on buses. The artificially sweet air-freshener smell on the Greyhound makes us nauseated, the Fung Wah’s safety record is appalling, and the super-awesome Vamoose can’t seem to get their act together (side open letter to the city administrators of Cambridge and Boston: just let the Vamoose bus park wherever it wants! We love it!), we’re stuck with you.

Not that we necessarily mind that so much. Sure, it’s not the cleanest travel experience in the world, and sure, it frequently involves screaming children, but it (basically) gets us where we need to go and 90% of our frustration with the trip is based on traffic and not any actions of your bus company. 90% is not, however, 100% and there is one major thing you could do to better our bus rides and indeed, the overall quality of our life.

Lucky Star Bus, please cease and desist with the pit stop at the Chinese food buffet in Connecticut. First of all, it adds an unnecessary half hour to the trip. We understand that you want to give your driver a break, and we appreciate breaks, but can’t the driver get their break during the 30+ minute loading and unloading periods in either cities? Plenty of people (our parents, Greyhound and Vamoose drivers) make the entire trip sans break. It’s really not a long drive. Furthermore, while we are inordinately fond of Chinese food, the Connecticut buffet hardly counts as such. All the food is covered in truly disgusting sauces, it’s been sitting out under hot lights for god only knows how long, and every time we step foot in the place to use the facilities, we’re seriously concerned we might vomit. Furthermore, people (foolish, foolish people) then get food from the buffet and bring it on to the bus and the bus then smells intensely terrible for the remainder of the journey.

Lucky Star Bus, we want so badly to be friends. As long as Vamoose remains out of commission, you’re our best budget friendly option. Please please please shape up. It’ll help us so much as we ship out.

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[Photo: Demura]


Yet Another Open Letter