What Real Chefs And Caterers Do

The latest entry from Jalapeno Girl took us aback at first, as it is all about how she had, on her last catering gig, to sneak off to the bathroom twice and deposit some breast milk in the sink. It’s pretty detailed:

I watched the milk squirt out and drizzle around the sink, before eventually dribbling down the drain. When some milk streamed near the soap, I wiped it away, and mumbled “Ew!” to myself. I wondered if the sink had been the scene of quick milking ever before.

Graphic, eh? well, the thing is, you can be grossed out all you want, but we applaud Jalapeno Girl. For one thing, it’s good to be reminded that the polished, hair-netted professionals behind those white aprons are humans with swellings and itches and various discomforts lurking under their crisp uniforms.

It’s also, in a small way, nice to hear stories about bathroom trips that don’t involve actual evacuation. Just last night, at a small Hanukkah party, we retired to the bathroom to wipe what seemed like a gallon of sour cream off our jacket, slacks and sweater, dribbled there over the course of a Latke dinner.

After working the wet towel for about five minutes, we were presentable once more, but the question arose: Should we flush? Just for appearance’s sake? We didn’t, of course, not being crazy, but the temptation was there. Wonder if Jalepeno Girl experienced the same thing?

Milk Maid [Jalapeno Girl]

What Real Chefs And Caterers Do