We’re Number 6!

Check it out, everybody, we made Time Magazine’s Top 10 Websites list! How cool is that? Answer: Very.

Now, we’re not number one or anything–in fact we come in a middling (but respectable) sixth. Upon first seeing the number one slot went to a site called Lemonade.com, which at first glance looks to be all about setting up a lemonade stand, we were understanding. Who doesn’t like lemonade, and where does lemonade taste better than at a stand?

But then it turned out that Lemonade.com is actually some weird 21st-century pyramid scheme widget, and we were disappointed. But then it turned out that it’s not exactly a pyramid scheme because you don’t have to pay in, and we were less disappointed.

Anyway, the point, here, is that Menupages.com, an incredibly useful and user-friendly website, made the list, and we’d like to thank you, dear readers, for your traffic and your buzz. Happy holidays.

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We’re Number 6!