Viewing Pleasure: Deviled Eggs @ TABLE Fifty-Two

In continuing coverage of our fantasy world, here’s a dreamlike photo from Zesmerelda of those deviled eggs - served at TABLE fifty-two as an amuse-bouche - that everyone keeps yammering about. As we were searching for references to the eggs, we came to realize that we, ourselves, had posted a photo of the amuse as seen (and still seen) on TABLE’s official website. Here it is, for easy comparison:

We’re wondering if this is just a difference in portion size (hens for 2, cylinder for 5), or an attempt to bring the restaurant’s serving pieces into alignment with the haute homey aesthetic that Smith’s going for. Either way, those chickens are hilarious…and the eggs look pretty tasty, even through the blur.

TABLE fifty-two [MenuPages]
TABLE fifty-two [Official Site]

[Photo: Zesmerelda/flickr]


Viewing Pleasure: Deviled Eggs @ TABLE Fifty-Two