Trump Denies Tip; Martha Stewart Blogs

Donald Trump denies leaving a $10,000 tip for a waiter in a Santa Monica restaurant on Monday. [NYP]

No surprises, here: Masa tops the list of pricey U.S. restaurants. [Forbes]

It’s the holidays, so it’s time for the old chestnut about the popularity of fondue. [NYDN]

Martha Stewart has started a personal blog where she — or her sister and executive assistant — share recipes and stories only a fanatic could appreciate. [The Martha Blog via The Grinder/Chow]

Winetails are making a comeback at places like the little owl, which fall prey to the city’s ridiculous liquor laws. [The Grinder/Chow]

Just in time for another weekend of shopping, the Daily News publishes a list of gift ideas for the “blog-trawling, Michelin guide-reading, Top-Chef-watching food fanatic.” [NYDN]
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An NYU professor is writing a cookbook with “recipes designed to appeal to appetites both goose and human” for no apparent reason. [The Grinder/Chow]

Trump Denies Tip; Martha Stewart Blogs