Top 100 Hottest Menus Of 2007!!!

Okay, truth: it’s really only the hottest menus of December. But it’s probably representative! (And it’s the closest we’re going to get.)

The list, which is after the jump for your comfort and safety, contains the 100 restaurants with the most clicks per day on MenuPages Chicago. It’s worth noting that the first 73 on the list get between 20 and 30 clicks a day; we’ve taken things out to the nearest tenth, and even when we should have declared statistical ties, we didn’t. Ha!

Next to each restaurant’s name is the aforementioned average number of clicks per day, followed by that restaurant’s most recent review, with occasionally hilarious results. A few places (especially near the molten core) don’t have reviews yet - please feel free to leave some! You may be surprised by the top 10, or maybe not. If you keep in mind that people use MenuPages half the time to order delivery and half the time to look at high-end restaurants, it makes a little more sense. And finally, what up Hyde Park for having two in the top fifteen! College kids: you are the world of tomorrow.

Now let’s get to it!

100) Caffe Florian (20.3):

My french fries and my lunch companion’s tuna wrap were both very good. Unfortunately I ordered the fish and chips. I probably should have known better, as this isn’t the kind of pub where you’d expect great fish and chips, but the fish was really disgusting. I got three rectangular strips of “fish,” and I think scare quotes are necessary because I literally could not identify any actual fish in them, just a bunch of soggy, amine-smelling breading. These were bad even for fish sticks like you’d buy frozen at the supermarket; for “fish and chips,” they were just awful. To top it off, the only vinegar they had to offer was balsamic or white - not the malt vinegar that goes so well on fish and chips. That said, it bears repeating that everything else was quite good. But they should either take the fish and chips off the menu or, at the very least, relabel it “fish sticks.”

99) Think (20.3):

It the kind of place that makes you feel as though you’ve found something close to a secret. It’s very small, lit mainly by candles and has a simple charm. The food is great and the wine is as good as what you brought with you.

98) Los Nopales (20.3):

It’s a perfect place in terms of atmosphere and staff- they’re absolutely wonderful. They’re excited about the food and thier restaurant. It’s a great feeling to see them doing well, because they appreciate it and appreciate the people that come in. It’s a favorite for us, and that’s saying a lot given the large number of good restaurants in the area.

97) Dublin’s (20.5)

[No Reviews Yet!]

96) Cousin’s (20.5):

My trip to Cousin’s never disappoints. The food is always outstanding and the service exceeded my expectations. If you go for lunch, you will pay lunch prices for a dinner sized entree.

95) Satay (20.7):

only order delivery- but it is yummy, always get the fried rice and spicy crazy noodles and they are always great, with the sushi items on the menu, we often get miso soup or seaweed salads, so the variety of thai and japanese is a super fun combo! as far as bland goes, due to midwest peeps having bland-friendly tastebuds, I think you need to order things extra spicy (vs east or west coast).

94) Coobah (20.7):

We only went there because at Tango Sur was a waiting time of 1 1/2 hours. We also had to wait more than 30 minutes here, although we were told 20. The house salad was a joke, just lettuce, the scallops with artichokes very little. In general all portions are very small and pricy! Service was nothing special at all, not very charming. Overall we spent USD 80 and had a very dissapointing dinner. I would not go there again.

93) Tucci Benucch (20.7):

For years I couldn’t eat marinara sauce anywhere else because it couldn’t compare to that of Tucci Benucch. My favorite restaurant for 16 going on 17 years. It may be part of the Lettuce Entertain You company, but it tastes like old recipes handed down from one generation to the next because better ones haven’t been found. A whole menu worth exploring–you won’t be disappointed.

92) Shine Morida (21.1):

Shine Morida has consistently served up some of the best Chinese and Japanese food I’ve ever had. I find it to be a notch above Dee’s Chinese (which is just down the street on Armitage) and even better than the old Pacific Cafe on Damen Ave in Bucktown. Their Country Style Tofu is so light and fluffy you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. Their fried rice is always outstanding. They will make sushi rolls to order. As a vegetarian this is great b/c you can substitute a vegetable for the fish in your roll to make it as you like it. Service in the restaurant has been outstanding every time I’ve been there. In the summer they have tables outdoors on the side of the restaurant. Only possible drawback is that parking can be tough in this neighborhood so I take the ‘L’, which stops 1 block west of the restaurant.

91) De Rice (21.2):

This is some of the worst tasting Chinese/ Japanese food I have tasted. Maybe I got a bad order… but I doubt that is the case as friends and I shared about 7 different items from the menu and the ONLY thing that was good was the fried rice. DO NOT FALL into the trap of these other reviewers. This is NOT a good place to eat from. Try Kikuya for sushi or Wok n Roll for Chinese food.

90) Pizza D.O.C. (21.3):

This was my 3rd visit to Pizza DOC and I loved it even more. The food was fantastic, service was great and the prices were even better. My boyfriend and I both ate ( 1 appetizer, 1 pizza and 1 dessert) and had drinks for only $40. The only thing I feel needs to be changed is the seating arrangements. It’s not a very large restaurant but they try to fit in as many tables as possible so you are sitting right on top of the people next to you. I heard their whole conversation. But other than that, it was fantastic. Make sure to get the Suppli as an appetizer and the Bonna Cotta for dessert. You won’t be sorry!

89) Rosebud Prime (21.3):

I was here on a holiday luncheon. I told the waiter I was vegan and would like any of the side dishes (mushrooms, corn, tomatoes, rice, potatoes) as long as they could be made vegan (no animal products used). I was offering to be very flexible with my meal, knowing that I was with a group and that this is a steakhouse. Unfortunately, I was brought a plate of asparagus and corn. A large misconception is that vegans only eat vegetables, and I had not mentioned any asparagus. The vegetables were overcooked and had little flavor. I was very disappointed that the chef could not accommodate a bit more creatively.

88) Volare (21.3):

I went on a Saturday night 2 weeks ago. The hostess was rude. Even though we had a reservation we had to wait 1/2 hour. I didn’t mind but the hostess could have been more friendly. Isn’t the service industry all about customer service?

87) Bistro Pacific (21.5):

I love Bistro Pacific. It is in a very nice with great food and nice people. Try the Oregon Roll.

86) Lucky Vito’s (21.6):

They have the best pizza I have ever had!!!!

85) Toast (21.6):

[No Reviews Yet!]

84) Calypso Cafe (21.7):

this is a great restaurant! the food, environment, and service are top quality. i highly recommend you try it…you’ll love it!!!

83) Gaylord India Restaurant (21.8):

The best Indian food we have ever ate in Chicago. Service is just OK. Maitre d’hotel is the most pleasant and kind person at that restaurant. Definately we’ll be back.

82) Green Tea Japanese Restaurant (21.9):

The sushi at Green Tea is every bit as good as many of the city’s far more expensive sushi restaurants. For those of you who don’t feel like going somewhere fancy or expensive for really good sushi, or keep trying different different restaurants waiting to find your go-to carry out place, give Green tea a shot.

81) Dee’s Mandarin Restaurant (21.9):

We’ve been patronizing Dees for many years and have never had a bad meal. I’ve also eaten in China and Hong Kong and this American version of chinese food is excellent. A little pricy, but well worth it if you are a chinese food fan.

80) Shikago (21.9):

I went to Shikago for a late lunch and could not have been more impressed. The simple, modern decor is the perfect compliment for chef Kevin Shikami’s contemporary asian creations. Every dish I had was perfectly seasoned, from the cold noodle salad to the fabulous mushroom rice. I found the place to be very vegetarian-friendly and accomodating. Some kind of pickle accompanies almost every dish, a very Japanese flair that I enjoyed. Many of these are made in-house and combine flavors in ways one never thought possible for the lowly pickle. It’s worth the trip to Shikago for the desserts alone. The banana brulee is amazing, accompanied by a chocolate mousse and black rice pudding that is the color of blackberries. Yes, you may spend a few dollars more here for lunch than at the Corner Bakery, but for food that is 1000 times better it’s worth the minor cost. I recommend Shikago (say what you like about the name, I think it’s clever) to anyone who wants fantastic asian food in the heart of the business district.

79) Tarantino’s (21.9):

A cozy spot on my favorite part of Armitage. While I’m not living in Chicago anymore, I know any trip back requires a stop in for some of Tarantino’s wonderful Italian cooking. The service is hand-picked from some of the top staff in town; their knowledge of the menu and attention to detail at the table is second to none. The spacious bar, tables throughout and unpretentious decor makes everyone feel this could be their favorite spot for a dilectable bottle of wine from a menu of notables and a mouth-watering plate of my favorite, the rigatoni.

78) Jim Ching (22.1):

food is good, we order for lunch all the time. One suggestion, more lunch specials. Currently there are only six, most Chinese restaurants have many options. When we inquired if we could make our own we were told no. Only other option is to order items individually and have lots of left overs.

77) Chili’s (22.1):

ate here on a tuesday evening, food good, service excellent very attentive waiters.

76) Sapori Trattoria (22.3):

this is my favorite italian restaurant in chicago!! the food is delicious, the service is wonderful. try the lobster ravioli, as well as the burnt butter squash ravoli–they are to die for!! desserts are wonderful too. get on their mailing list–they send out coupons for 3 course 2-person meal with a bottle of wine for $57. it can’t be beat!!

75) Kan Zaman (22.3):

This was one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to! The food was excellent (I thought a little on the expensive side, but totally worth it), and the atmosphere was incomparable. Between the awesome booths, the belly dancer, and the hookah it was absolutely phenominal. I strongly recommend everyone to check this place out. Next time I’m in Chicago I’m definitely going to go back. Truly, this place is jewel!

74) Japonais (22.3):

I have had dinner here three times in one week. Outstanding service and atmosphere coupled with an excellent menu. Three different fabulous house specialty rolls and Aji Sashimi competes with Europe.

73) Powerhouse Restaurant & Bar (22.3):

[No Reviews Yet!]

72) Tokyo Lunch Box (22.4):

they spell “udon” U-DONG! frozen-thawed self served sushi. Soba lacked flavor. good to grab a quick bit if nothing else is in the area. Korean ran Japanese restaurant, that should say enough.

71) Thai Village (22.5):

I have been to a lot of thai restaurants in the city and this is one of my favorites, besides Thai Pastry, but this is a lot closer to me and not as fancy, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s like down-home Thai cookin’. Extremely tasty and flavorful.

70) Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop (22.6):

The fried green tomatoes are 2 die for. It says alot for any establishment if the food can be microwaved and not lose its integrity….I microwaved the catfish and it was still great. I’m going as soon as I leave work today. Try it…you’ll like it. The service is great, people are polite, love the vintage down home atmosphere…..and its worth every penny.

69) Sura (22.7):

Just to correct an earlier review - the food is not vegetarian. It all has fish in it and they won’t make it any other way. If you call the restaurant they’ll confirm that. If you’re not really a vegetarian but just trying to avoid red meat or something that’s fine, but they really should label their menu differently.

68) Bari (22.7):

This place has the best Italian sub’s in the city and great homemade sausage.

67) Fat Willy’s Rib Shack (23.0):

Tried their baby backs and hot links, but not impressed. I don’t know where these guys get their pork, but c’mon guys, I can do better at home with meat from Dominick’s. Still not sure if their hot links were bad or just barely o.k. One thing’s for sure…this was an expensive mistake and yet another chicago BBQ scam. Atmosphere ain’t bad and service pretty good, but not worth the price and oh did I mention the wait.

66) Baba Pita (23.0):

Service, Food and great owner with a great name. Highly recommend everything. My wife and I love this place and have gotten great delivery and carry out. Never ate in the restaurant but it is very clean and looks nice. Highly recommend

65) AJ’s Grill (23.1):

i’d go with the cheese fries.

64) Sushi Toro (23.3):

Plain and simple. This place has the best sushi around. Just be prepared to wait for a table or a spot at the sushi bar. You’ll love it. It’s worth it.

63) Rosebud Theater District (23.5):

Great food and very nice service. Rich Melman should put a restaurant at the southwest suburbs.

62) Silver Spoon (23.8):

My friends and I had dinner at Silver Spoon last week. It’s just a small place and it’s not outstanding when you look from outside. However, I loved sushi there. The fish was really fresh. Pad Thai noodle was fantastic too. A friend of mine ordered a Thai salad, it was spicy but so good:). The service was alright. They seemed working so hard when it was busy. Nobody could pick up the phone. It’s not a fine dining with expensive dish, so do not expect too much. The servers were nice and they did a good job. We ordered lots of things but the price was still reasonable. I will be back soon.

61) J B Alberto’s Pizza (23.8):

Best pizza I have had since I moved to Chicago. Reasonable prices too. Honestly, I don’t ever care to order from anywhere else…. Yeah, its that good!

60) Earwax Cafe (23.9):

Though you may not be a vegetarian or vegan, many of us enjoy that food as an occasional alternative to our normal daily diet. Not only is it typically lower in fat and healthier in other regards, it can also be delicious as proven by Earwax Cafe. The blackbean burger is rediculously delicious… and they have, without a doubt, the tastiest hummus in Chicago. Earwax is a Wicker Park staple, try it for a healthier alternative without sacraficing flavor.

59) Congress Pizzeria (24.0):

Congress pizza is one of the best tasting pizza around. The service is fast, the prices are very affordable. Everyone should check it out. I have been loving it for over 10 years and haven’t nothing changed. THEY ROCK!

58) Smoque BBQ (24.0):

Is a bigger dining room with an actual wait staff. We went here on a Saturday night and the place was PACKED! Not that I mind rubbing elbows with strange people at a picnic table…but they have the volume to warrent a bigger space. That said, the food was DELICIOUS!!! I had the pulled pork sandwich with fries and mac & cheese. YUM! Love the fact that it’s BYOB. A great value, too.

57) Alhambra Palace (24.1):

I first went to Alahmbra on a week night and loved it so much so returned on a weekend. Stopped by for some b-day drinks with some friends and at first they turned us away. I can clearly see there was more then enough room for a party of four at the bar. The hostess gave us a hard time however, finally let us in. We walked around and we noticed that there were more then enough tables to accomodate walk ins. It is to bad that some of these new places don’t realize that customer service will keep customers coming back. If you want to check it out, I would recommned you stop by on a week night and not the weekend. The atmosphere was fun but the customer service needs a lot of help.

56) Vermilion (24.4):

I ordered the “Goat curry” and it really was the best goat curry I have ever had (and I have had my share of goat curries). It was perfectly seasoned, marinated and cooked. It was on the spicier side, which is always a plus for me! However, the entree only came with one small Naan, so I had to order couple more. The Naans were really light and freshly made, loved them. The ambience was beautiful, shades of gray, red, black and white, all of my favorite colors. The walls were decorated with huge posters of gorgeous Indian models, male and female, how appetizing! Well, the menu is kinda pricey, but it is soooo worth it. Overall, I highly recommend trying out this place at least once.

55) Nan’s (24.4):

The food was great and the service was delicious. My pick-up order had everything I needed to enjoy my sushi and the free crab rangoon with a $20 order is an awesome deal.

54) Athenian Room (24.6):

The setting, menu, prices, quality, crowds, and staff are all unchanged over the past 25 years. Let that be an indication that this place does it right - good food, with quality service, at VERY reasonable prices. Try the skirt steak, king size gyros sandwich, chicken kabob (with cheese pita on side), and extra fries. In the winter, you MUST have the soup.

53) Luc Thang Noodle (24.6):

Having lived in San Fran, I’d become accustomed to really good and cheap Thai food. This spot is just as good! (I can only speak for the Thai food on the menu.) To Khai Gai and green curry are to die for. We got 5 dishes for about $24.

52) Ballo (24.7):

We came in for the annual restaurant and food convention and had been told to go here. Great recommendation! Large portions and excellent service. Management was very attentive to our table. We’ll be back next time we’re in town.

51) Osteria Via Stato (24.7):

[No Reviews Yet!]

50) Portillo’s Hot Dogs (25.0):

It’s like a mall food court without the mall. How weird is that? But I work right by them so I eat there often.

49) El Nandu (25.2):

Whether you’re out on an all girls/guys night or a one on one date El Ñandú is the perfect choice. The food tastes great and the portions are very well sized. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxing. They also have live music on certain days of the week which adds a lot to the experience. I have been going to this restaurant for at least 3 years and have never been disappointed.

48) Sai Mai (25.3):

Food is wonderful, never had a problem. Very good value, not overpriced at all. Ambiance could use small touches and people are not always overly friendly, but service is good and timely.

47) Bongo Room (25.6):

Best Breakfast in the City. Order their BLT benedict and a seasonal pancake (just one), and you will be in heaven. Expect to wait at least an hour for a seat.

46) Cafe Nordstrom (25.8):

I have only been to Cafe Nordstrom for lunch, but it is always fresh, delicious and well prepared each time. Try the Salmon freshly grilled for lunch with roasted vegetables… only 10 minutes to prepare. Great desserts, beverages, sandwiches and salads. Very friendly staff and atmosphere.

45) Rosebud on Rush (26.5):

I must say that I really enjoy this place. The food is fresh and portions are XL. The service could be better but food makes up for this flaw. Great pasta dishes, fresh seafood, flavorful recipes, perfectly cooked carne and chicken dishes. If only they had better service to offset the high prices.

44) Tufano’s (26.5):

We have been dining at Tufano’s for over 20 years. I think the food is spectacular and we have never had a bad meal. You get huge portions for a very good price. If you have not eaten at Tufano’s, I would highly suggest trying it out.

43) Jane’s Restaurant (26.5):

The reason I gave the food a 3.5 is because it is inconsistent. Sometimes delicious, sometimes not so much. The burrito was problematic - soggy and bland. A few times our food has been a bit salty and/or oily. The tuna salad is perfectly fresh and light. The grilled shrimp and mango is the perfect combination of spicy and sweet. The monkfish is tender and flavorful. It’s not the cheapest weeknight meal, but we always have a good time, and I love the outdoor seats at Jane’s.

42) Frontera Grill (26.5):

had an unbelievable dinner at frontera from great apps to refreshing poached pear dessert. was able to make a reservation so we didn’t have to wait. if you can’t get a reservation, get there early… sat night at 6:00 the wait time can be 2 hours if no reservation! food is worth the time and staff was very knowledgeable about the menu.

41) Cedars (26.6):

I appreciated that the food was solid, not very pricy, and portions were large enough to have lunch for the next day. Plus I always love it when you can save money and bring your own bottle of wine!

40) Tamarind (26.9):

I’ve been to Tamarind a few times for dinner and I have been impressed every time. The food is fresh, presented beautifully, and very reasonably priced. The menu is extensive and includes Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, and Indian items. The place is quite popular, so reservations are a good idea and the servers can get a little busy during the rush. All in all, this is one of my favorite places in Chicago and highly recommended.

39) The Walnut Room (27.1):

[No Reviews Yet!]

38) My Thai (27.4):

i have bbeen there twice. i was not disappointed but not saticefied. good to fill up my stomach but did not want to take left overs for later.

37) Hop Haus (27.9):

if you want to know how a hamburger can also be a tour de force, eat this food. sometimes, you waste money on “peer” hamburgers here or there, but in this case, even the absurdity of paying more than pocket change for a hamburger is zenned out in the fattastically tasty burger zone that you will find yourself in after eating hop haus.

36) Petterino’s (28.0):

Although Petterino’s works around the theatre crowd, you shouldn’t miss out on this great dining experience just because you didn’t get tickets to Wicked. My wife and I live in the South Loop and recently enjoyed a great dinner here on the weekend. I was shocked at how reasonable the price was for our appetizers, dinners, and drinks. The food was great, and the service was quick and helpful. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone.

35) Blue Water Grill (28.0):

This is my absolute favorite restaurant. Even the salads and appetizers are to die for. If you are a sushi fan please try this place i highly recommend it. I get the same rolls everytime because they are simply amazing. Try the bbq ell tempura rolls. The deserts are portioned just right and flavored to perfection. The service her is great and the atmosphere is quiet, romantic, and very clubby. At the end of your meal they give you a complimentary expresso shot.

34) Joe’s Stone Crab (28.1):

Dined at Joe’s for boyfriend’s birthday - our server John was wonderful, and they brought us out a complimentary dessert for our celebration, too. The food is great, the atmosphere is bustling…I think my only complaint is the placement of our table - we were seated right in the middle of a major walkway, lots of action around our table and we would have preferred something more intimate (we did have a reservation, too…and they knew it was for a b-day celebration - a table more “out of the way” would have totally been appreciated). Overall a great place, it’s pricey but worth it for a special occasion. Don’t miss the key lime pie or the crispy onion strings. Great fresh fish, too…

33) Sweet Mandy B’s (28.2):

The best place in lincoln park for a dessert after a meal or for a snack. Mud pies, cookies, ice cream, cakes, all with a home made feel and all extremely tasty and under the dollar mark.

32) Blue Agave (28.3):

The best steak tacos I have ever had!

31) Dao (28.4):

I love the food here and I’ve been here 3 times. Every time I get the curried catfish and the tea. It’s amazing! The servers are aloof at times and the wait is long, but well worth it. Plus the seating is extra special!!!!!! Go there and you’ll see what I mean :)

30) Brazzaz (29.1):

On a recent trip to Chicago we had our first experience with a Brazillian Steakhouse at Brazzaz. The house cocktail was excellent as was our waiter’s wine suggestion. We were somewhat skeptical as we consider ourselves to be wine connoisseurs. However, the Beckmen Estate Syrah he suggested was exceptional and a great pairing for our dinner. The vast array of meats presented to our table was impressive, however, those presented later in the meal were slightly over cooked. Even these had excellent flavor. The only negative was the self service salad bar /charceuterie. To us this took away from the overall service. We really enjoyed the meal and experience.

29) Panes (29.3):

If I could eat there every day I would. I moved North and still go out of my way to eat there whenever I’m in the neighborhood. Never disappointed!!

28) Gibson’s Steakhouse (29.5):

My friend was here from LA and my daughter decided to take me, friend and her sister out to Gibsons for a real lunch treat . I must tell you it was such a pleasant afternoon. Our table was perfect and our main waiter, David, was a gem. So cute and funny ! The food (tenderloin sliders-YUM) were delicious!!!! The bread on the table was scrumptious and the steaks melted in your mouth. We shared a delicious hot fudge sundae for dessert. The hot fudge was outstanding. I come from Wisconsin where we specialize in custard ice cream and hot fudge - and I feel that I am an expert on hot fudge. Gibson’s was fab !!!! My compliments to the Chef, ambiance of Gibson’s and David the waiter.

27) Yummy Thai (29.6):

One of Chicago’s best Thai restaurant. Yummy Thai has the best egg rolls. Their Veggie egg rolls are delicious and their baby eggs roll, are to die for. I HIGHLY recommend you try both.

26) Ranalli’s on Clark (29.6):

[No Reviews Yet!]

25) Singha (30.3):

I LOVE Singha. I wish they were more packed because I want them to thrive. The food isn’t watered down for “American” taste buds. If it says spicy then it IS spicy. The currys are rich the appetizers are plentiful. For two, you can have a fabulous appetizer, dinner, drink, desert for around $30 and the people who work there and own it are very nice. The atmosphere is a lot of fun. The tables are sunk into the floor. The decor is very Thai. And it’s comfortable. You could sit and enjoy your meal without feeling crowded. Even if they were more packed. So go. Eat at Singha. Enjoy yourselves. I’m a super picky restaurant/food critic and I urge everyone to try Singha and share it. Cheers!

24) India House (33.2):

If you want really good Indian food and at a decent price, head to the Northside of Chicago and any, and I mean any ot the resteraunts on Devon will beat India House not only on food, but also on service. The staff was poor and the food was so-so at best.

23) The Gage (35.8):

Went here in September with family. We were all very impressed. Lively atmosphere yet we felt very comfortable in a booth. Can’t remember everything we had, but I did have the Duroc pork loin - very tasty; and another in the party had the elk - he said it was fantastic. Appetizers and desserts I remember to be equally yummy. Would definetly recommend and plan to go back when in Chicago next. Service was excellent - the waitress very knowledgable yet not pushy.

22) David Burke’s Primehouse (35.1):

I thought it was worth the price. It was a pretty expensive lunch but I didn’t regret to pay that much for that experience. The steak I ordered was perfectly cook (based on my judgement). The texture of the meat was excellent. I had no complain regarding to the steak at all. The only issue is the price because it is not something I can afford everyday. Check the price and you know what I mean. Plus, don’t expect there will be any side. It was just a steak on a plate.

21) Wildfire (35.2):

I was looking for a good Valentine’s Day weekend dinner spot and Wildfire delivered. I reserved a table on opentable and even though we arrived about 20 minutes early and were greeted by a wonderful wood smoke aroma, they seated us right away. There are 2 seating areas, and several private side rooms. I recommend the booth seating in the outer areas; the center area tables are a little crowded. We felt private in the booths but still had a view of the restauraunt. Encrusted steaks are their specialty, I ordered triple medallion filets to sample their 8 available crusts and my girlfriend ordered the blue cheese crusted filet. Included sides are simple, but you can upgrade to some tastier options such as white cheese au gratin potatoes, which were excellent. Service was very punctual, the waitstaff was quick and courteous, our food came very quickly, maybe almost too quick. We were in and out in under an hour and a half, including apps and desserts. Overall it was a wonderful experience with a very Chicago feel and a great date spot or somewhere to take family and friends.

20) The Grillroom (35.8):

I love the grill room. It’s big and has an inviting environment. The Onion Soup is simply fantastic. They have an amazing burger. Their salads are large and filling and the fried calamari is excellent. I can’t say much about anything else, becuase I always get the same things when I go, becuase I know its going to be great. A little bit pricey, but not too over the top. I am a huge fan and would direct anyone here for pretty much anything. They also have a great staff and do well with big groups and catered parties. Also, free refills on soda, which is always a nice thing. Two thumbs up.

19) Feast (37.3):

The first 6-8 times I went to Feast, I only went for brunch. It was by far my favorite brunch place, with amazing potatoes and a fantastic crab-cake benadict. There are a number of good dishes, and they often have interesting (and delicious) specials. After admiring the dinner menu for about a year, I finally made it there. And I’ve been back 4 more times since then. The pork chop with the quesadilla is the best all-around dish I’ve had in Chicago, and the chipotle barbeque salmon is one of the strangest delights I’ve had anywhere. The atmosphere is docked a point for the noise, but it’s generally comfortable and during the summer there is a nice outdoor section. The service is good, but can occasionally slow down during the crowded weekend brunch rush. Dinner isn’t cheap, but it is still a good value because the quality is so high.

18) Orange (38.2):

went for sunday brunch - long wait of 1 hour in small, loud entrance BUT when we finally got to eat, it was delicious. eggs benedict and cinnamon pancakes great picks. love the fresh juice options. service was very good.

17) Bandera (39.1):

I worked at Bandera for a little over two years and just wanted to clarify the previous reviewers unsettling experience with the extremely detailed description that the hostess took. Bandera refuses to use the pager/ beeper system feeling that it makes the dining experience much less personal. Thus, as a host, we have about a minute to take a quick description of the guest as we write down the name, time they came in, party size, and amount of time quoted. When you are on a twenty minute wait, it is extremely easy to find your guests. When you are on an hour and a half wait and have taken over 50 names, it becomes much more difficult - thus, the crazy descriptions. So- if you want to guarantee that the hostess will find you an hour and a half after you have put your name in - be a little more creative with your dress! You would be shocked on how many men / women wear jeans, black sweater and black shoes.

16) Carnivale (39.2):

I love Carnivale. Great food, with lots of flavor and an amazing atmosphere. One of my favorites! (The pork shoulder is great)

15) Wok n’ Roll (39.5):

i’ve heard a couple people complain about the service, but i have never had a problem. their portions are UNBELIEVABLE–if you’re only ordering for 2 people, the small sizes are enough! the restaurant itself is not the best looking, but who cares when the food is CHEAP, DELICIOUS, and the kitchen is CLEAN (you can see it for yourself!)? they also have the FASTEST DELIVERY ever. like someone else has already mentioned, it is amercanized chinese food. still, this place is GREAT!

14) TABLE fifty-two (42.6):

[No Reviews Yet!]

13) Sepia (43.3):

Who has time for such a review (see below)? BTW, the food is very good.

12) Pompei (45.3):

First thing, first: CALL IN YOUR ORDER AHEAD OF TIME! There is always a huge line no matter what time of day you come in. I have never stood in line here. I have mostly been impressed with the food at Pompei. Most of the portions are good, flavors tasty, and relatively compitent service. Specifically, I think the pizza is a great value. There are plenty of varieties and the single portion should fill you up, no problem. TIP: Ask for a side of their marinara sauce for dipping. Yummy!

11) Old Town Brasserie (46.0):

[No Reviews Yet!]

10) Thai Bowl (48.3):

They have the best food but when it comes to service, not the best.. it is a good place to order food for delivery not for dine in..

9) Brasserie Ruhlmann (50.0):

Too expensive for average food. Techno music like a nightclub does not jibe with decor….

8) Nookies (50.1):

This restaurant is wonderful! From fresh squeezed orange juice to pure maple syurp this place rocks!

7) Ping Pong (51.1):

I love Ping Pong. I live down the street so I mostly order takeout and their hot and sour soup and Spicy shrimp entree are fantastic. This is a contemporary chinese place, so it’s not going to be like the last reviewer wrote. I have eaten in the restaurant before and the service isnt the best, but the food is always fantastic

6) Crust (54.5):

In a city that hears the argument for best pizza joint in town on a day in and day out basis, this new spot is such a good choice because there is nothing else like it. Try the pizza carbonara and whatever else looks good as the menu is changing based upon the freshest and tastiest ingredients available to the chef’s at the time. Very good beer selection to which one might not think.

5) Silver Seafood Restaurant (56.8):

Silver Seafood definitely holds its own against the Chinatown establishments, both in terms of value and quality. The seafood is treated with a light hand, and is consistently fresh. As others have pointed out, the steamed fish with ginger and scallions is very good. Salt and pepper smelts (or crab) are delicious, far more complex than their names suggest. The wonderfully aromatic pea shoots with garlic are a nice alternative to the more typical veg dishes. Crispy skinned chicken with spiced salt is flash fried at extremely high temperature so the end result is not at all greasy. This place is definitely worth checking out. The service is consistently efficient and courteous as long as you don’t expect the busy waitstaff to be your pals. I agree with Danny D that the atmosphere is nothing special, but am quite certain that it’s not only Asians who celebrate birthdays or other occasions at the weekends. Also, the staff probably DO mind two year-olds throwing rice on the floor but are most likely too polite to show it. Hopefully we won’t learn from Mark’s review to equate ‘family friendly’ with ‘personal playground’.

4) Medici (58.3):

one of my favorite places in the city. there is something for everyone here and it is always yummy. the carrott cake is DELICIOUS the pizza is perhaps the best in the city. no joke. also good: chicken quesadilla OR burrito. ensalata kimba. vegie quesadillas….and on and on!

3) Butterfly (63.3):

Considering I had never heard of Butterfly before going a few weeks ago, I was blow away. It is a quaint, dimly light restaurant where the value for your money is unbelievable!! The highlights are BYOB, Monster maki, crab rangoon & their version of the fortune cookie! Highly recommend this place!

2) The Art of Pizza (65.1):

Im from Nevada and a friend of mine spoke highly of the art of pizza so when i visited Chicago I stopped in and ate their pizza, it was delicious, honestly the best pizza i have ever had, the sauce is sweet the crust melted in my mouth, Art the owner was in and he and I had a great conversation. Great people great pizza Must try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) Tango Sur (68.4):

I went on a Monday evening and the restuarant was packed. The service was great and the place had a wonderful atmosphere. The steak is to die for! Bring a bottle of red and you have the makings for a perfect meal out. The no corkage fee doesn’t hurt either. Our group of friends loves that place so much we created a site for Tango Sur (we found that there was none):


Top 100 Hottest Menus Of 2007!!!