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Tom and Gisele Lock Lips at Nobu, ‘Full House’ Cast and the B-52s Hit Bowery Hotel!?

Earlier this week we linked to a Daily News item claiming Padma Lakshmi rudely refused complimentary dishes from Fiamma’s chef. A commenter wrote, “I was at Fiamma the night Padma was dining there and it absolutely did NOT go down that way. When the dishes arrived at the table, she thanked them profusely and apologized for being too full to eat any of them!” Whatever happened, Padma was just one of many celebs to chow down (or at least show up) at local restaurants this week, and here’s our gossip-column compendium of just who went where.

Ben Benson’s: David Letterman and sixteen striking employees eating steak. [NYP]
Bowery Hotel’s Lobby Bar: Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the latter demanding spaghetti Bolognese off the menu. [NYP]
The Box: Ivanka Trump partying with friends. [PageSix.com]
Bubby’s: Jon Stewart with wife and kids. [Gawker]
Buddakan: Michael Jordan, Charles Oakley, and Ahmad Rashad with a bevy of beautiful brunettes, pre-Socialista. [NYP]
Burritoville: SNL’s Jeff Richards eating a burrito. [PageSix.com]
Dos Caminos Soho: Molly Sims taking her girlfriends out. [NYDN]
Fiamma: Padma Lakshmi sending back dishes and Martha Stewart overtipping. [NYDN]
Four Seasons Restaurant: Anne Hathaway’s beau Raffaello Follieri lunching with Angelo Cardinal Sodano, near Chelsea Clinton’s table. [NYP]
Gemma: The B-52’s eating together. [Gawker]
GoldBar: Ice-T and Coco with entourage at the Sunday-night party. [NYDN]
The Half King: Ira Glass wearing a hooded, unzipped sweatshirt. [Gawker]
Hawaiian Tropic Zone: New York (from VH1’s I Love New York) making out with the show’s winner, Tailor Made. [NYDN]
Le Royale: Kate Moss and rocker/boyfriend Jamie Hince pre–Rose Bar [NYDN]
Lure Fishbar: Jeffrey Epstein walking from the restaurant to his Bentley. [Gawker]
Mr. Chow: Perez Hilton and Marc Jacobs having dinner. [Perez Hilton]
Justin Bond signing autographs for fans. [NYP]
Naima: Jim Belushi dining with Dan Aykroyd and autographing the wine list. [NYP, NYDN]
Nello: Dodgers owner Frank McCourt celebrating his birthday with Frank Tarkenten at the next table. [NYP]
Noble Food & Wine Devon Aoki ordering a $100 glass of wine. [NYP]
Nobu Next Door: Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen locking lips. [NYP]
Nobu 57: Madonna and Guy Ritchie near David Pecker and Bonnie Fuller’s table. [NYP]
Piadina Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling — on a date or just discussing a project? [NYP and Perez Hilton]
Philippe: Steve Rifkin in the wine cellar with Gabrielle Union and Victoria’s Secret model Falida. [NYP]
Room Service: Kenny “the Jet” Smith showing off his hip-hop moves and doling out $100 tips. [NYP]
Rose Bar: Kate Moss with rocker/boyfriend Jamie Hince post–Le Royale. [NYDN]
San Pietro Merrill Lynch head John Thain with former Merrill head David Komansky, with Jerry Speyer and Chuck Prince dining nearby. [NYP]
Smith’s: Mary-Louise Parker dining with husband boyfriend Jeffrey Dean Morgan. [Gawker]
Spring Street Natural: Queen Latifah with a small entourage. [Gawker]
Starbucks (on Eighth Avenue): Miss J discussing diet tips. [NYP]
Socialista: Michael Jordan, Charles Oakley, and Ahmad Rashad with a bevy of beautiful brunettes, post-Buddakan. [NYP]
Strip House: Julia Roberts dining on rib eye with her publicist and bodyguard. [NYP]
Tortilla Flats: Larry Myers recognizing “Dell Dude” Ben Curtis. [NYP]
Ulysses’ Bar: Gavin DeGraw hitting the stage and mingling with the ladies. [Gawker]
The Waverly Inn: Rachel Zoe looking chic in black. [Perez Hilton] Padma Lakshmi dining with friends. [PageSix.com]

Tom and Gisele Lock Lips at Nobu, ‘Full House’ Cast and the B-52s