Tippling TOC: Religious Eats & La Encantada

We should really stop saving the TOC roundup for the end of the day! Because it usually deserves more concentration than we’re able to give it. Let’s try though, at least.

This week is the religion issue, so there’s a token article on spiritually-oriented eateries. Options include Soul Vegetarian East and its African Hebrew Israelites, Lake Side Cafe and the Bhashkar Perinchery crew, and Victory’s Banner and the followers of Sri Chinmoy. But no one will try to convert you.

The main review this week is for Fahrenheit in St. Charles, but its non-Chicago location makes it too hot for us to handle. More pertinently, La Encantada gets the Save This Restaurant treatment. It’s a cut above your average mole joint, and it’s run by a family with a lot of love. Maybe one day, its neighbors in Hermosa will love it, too. Also, there are three new openings to follow: Prosecco, The Balanced Kitchen, and Mythos Greek Taverna. We will be working on their menus, and we’ll let you know when we have them.

In drinking news, absinthe is all over the news these days, and you can get it at a variety of local bars. It is a cheaper entré than buying a bottle, no? And La Passage, the new Gold Coast bar, is the latest opening to pimp its mixological credentials. You will want to try the Latin Petal, containing both tequila and cognac - makes our head spin just thinking about it.

La Encantada [MenuPages]
La Encantada [Official Site]

[Photo: “Absinthe, Absence,” Donovan Crosby, 2006, Sixspace]


Tippling TOC: Religious Eats & La Encantada