The Weeklies Over Coffee

Here’s your roundup of the weeklies, just in time for that afternoon coffee break:

From the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

Paul Reidinger pays a visit to the new location of India Clay Oven, on Church Street. While the tech boom had some ill effects on the city, Reidinger claims, a rash of good Indian restaurants catering to Indo-American workers was not one of them. [Church of the holy tandoor]

L.E. Leone seems to have gotten her column changed around so that the actual restaurant review only takes up the last paragraph. That’s actually okay, if you spend the rest of the time talking about something interesting. Usually Leone does this. Sometimes, she doesn’t. [Cheap Eats]

Finally, Reidinger, who reviews books as well as restaurants, tosses us a gift idea–a book about food and culture–that we’re sure, if he didn’t get it free from the publisher, he’d want to find in his stocking. [Feeding the food brainiac]

Meanwhile, over at the SF Weekly:

Robert Lauriston gives Meredith Brody the day off and joins the chorus of new fans of SPQR. It’s nice how he goes through the menu, section by section. The review feels like it delivers actual information, instead of just one person’s opinion of how awesome the place is. [As the Romans Do]

The Weeklies Over Coffee