The Weeklies Over Coffee

Here again is our weekly look at our weekly papers over our daily afternoon cup of Joe. Enjoy.

From the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

Paul Reidinger has dinner in the once-more burgeoning Glen Park neighborhood, at a new French bistro, Le P’tit Laurent. While some of the feedback shies away from outright enthusiasm, Reidinger gives his rare cassoulet stamp of approval right off the bat. [Le P’tit Laurent]

Amber Peckham has nothing but praise for Live Sushi Bar, a Potrero Hill “needle in a haystack” that apparently features a very cute women’s bathroom. [Live Sushi Bar: Good sushi, cute bathroom]

And LE Leone gives us another philosophical essay with a paragraph at the end about a restaurant, this time Pizza Orgasmica. [Cheap Eats: Antidepressants]

From the San Francisco Weekly

In a very blog-linked review, Meredith Brody pays two long-winded visits to Sens, workplace, we hear, of Eggbeater maven Shuna Fish Lydon. Normally, we’d leave it at that, but you may also check out the funny associated post in Le Blog De San Francisco snarking on Brody and her drinking habits. [Sens and Sensibility]

The Weeklies Over Coffee