The Tuesday Report: Happy In, Happy Out!

As we were going over our notes for the Tuesday report, we were surprised to see so very many openings, closings, and changes (mostly openings, thank goodness). We were confused, until we remembered that this time last Tuesday, we were slowly sipping ginger ale on our couch. See? It all makes sense in the end. Let’s hop on into all the excitement, yes?

•The Chowhound set is very excited about Saray, a new Turkish spot in Allston. Boston is sorely lacking in Turkish restaurants, so we can’t wait to try Saray either, especially as the rosewater custard sounds amazing.
Cantabridgia reports that a new Middle Eastern restaurant is gearing up to open on Mass Ave. The name? It maybe doesn’t have one. Judging by the photos on the door, though, it’ll probably be pretty yummy!
•Michael Schlow is getting pretty busy, no? Between Alta Strada (and its forthcoming Foxwoods branch), Radius, Via Matta, and Great Bay, you’d think he’d have his hands full. And yet! The word on the street is that he’ll be opening a restaurant in the Seaport next month, complete with chef’s table. We think this makes for an official Schlow empire.
•We like the Pats and all, but we don’t have nearly the same attachment to Gillette Stadium as we do to Fenway Park, so we’re not as annoyed by this CBS-themed restaurant as we would be if it were opening in the home of the Sox. Nonetheless, our limited experience with restaurants based on television stations would lead us to be very wary indeed of this new development.

•In some sad news indeed, the Globe reports that beloved North End institution Caffe Graffiti is not long for this world. A call to the cafe revealed that their last day will be December 31. They will be sorely missed by North Enders and espresso devotees.

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes
•Somerville Thai spot Benjapon’s has apparently closed, only to be replaced by one Joey’s Thai Cafe, which has the truly hilarious slogan of “happy in, happy out.” If you’ll excuse us, we’ll just be in the corner, laughing at that for an hour or so.
Toro has a new head chef, Roberto Hernandez. Original head chef John Crichtley has moved to Hawaii. We are duly jealous.
Rod-Dee Thai Cuisine’s Brookline location will be moving next month. The new location will be smack in the middle of Washington Square, which should be very nice for business.

[Photo: Flickr: JRyle79]

The Tuesday Report: Happy In, Happy Out!