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The ‘Top Chef’–‘Project Runway’ Mash-up We’ve Been Waiting For

Who designs the pants in this family?Courtesy Bravo

How did such a coupling take so long? Top Chef’s Dale Levitski (who was NOT invited back for this week’s holiday special) and Project Runway’s Jack Mackenroth are dating! Here’s the dirt: “We randomly met over MySpace,” says Dale. “I like keeping it incestuous. Keep it in the Bravo family,” says Jack.

Other pairings we’d like to see:
Sam Talbot and Uli Herzner
Mike Midgley and Wendy Pepper
Elia Aboumrad and Michael Knight

Have any suggestions for hot Project RunwayTop Chef crossovers? Play matchmaker in the comments.

Real Reality Couple: Jack Mackenroth and Dale Levitski Dating [BreakOUT News via Towleroad]

The ‘Top Chef’–‘Project Runway’ Mash-up We’ve Been