The Chronicle Over Coffee

Welcome to an over-fed, under-exercised, rather bleary Chronicle Over Cocktails. Fortunately, the paper guessed our collective mood and has run some post-Christmas rebound articles.

The top story features a recipe for a French dish, pot-au-feu, offered by Laurant Manrique, executive chef at Aqua. The vegetable-and-beef stew is supposed to “clean the stomach” between Christmas and New Year’s. [A One-Pot Wonder]

Michael Bauer makes a return trip to an old haunt, One Market, where Mark Dommen has been at the helm in the kitchen since 2004. Apparently Dommen is cooking some of the “best American-inspired food in the city.” [Update: One Market chef’s artistry shines]

Taster’s Choice offers a year-end wrap-up of top panel-pleasers. Canned clam chowder made the list! [Taster’s Choice]

And the Inside Scoop brings us news that the staff at Citizen Thai and The Monkey showed up to work Dec. 15 to find the restaurant closed and themselves out of a job. Merry Christmas! [Inside Scoop]

The Chronicle Over Coffee