The Chronicle Over Coffee

Wow, the Chronicle’s food section is bursting at the seams today. Food news is bleeding onto the front page and mingling with the development beat. Love it.

First off, an A1 feature about how celebrity chefs are setting up shop in luxury condo complexes. Seems all the amenities in the world and a view of the loveliest city ever aren’t enough for high-end condo buyers. Now they want big-name chefs, too (we are so. freaking. jealous). [As upscale home complexes add great chefs, more buyers are biting]

More big-name boot licking, as the food section goes “inside the celebrity chef’s studio” for a look at what your favorite four-stars are serving their families this year. [Four-star feasts]

Over at Taster’s Choice, we get a look at the effect of two words that sound disturbing together: Budget caviar. It sounds like the tasters were less put off by this idea than we are, but none of the entries really banged the gong. [Taster’s Choice]

Inside Scoop gives us a look at Globe head chef Joseph Manzare’s response to Monday’s fire. Seems Manzare was having a little nap when the flames broke out, but a quick-thinking floor-staff averted a major crisis. [Inside Scoop

And, just in time for Christmas, it looks like Jones Soda has introduced a number of new flavors, including pine. [What’s New]

The Chronicle Over Coffee