The Chronicle Over Coffee

Today’s paper is special because not only is it food-section day, a story appeared on A-1 all about Absinthe, the re-introduction of which we’ve covered here. Let’s take a look, shall we?

First, of course, there’s that big front-page story on Absinthe. Seems an Alameda’s St. George Spirits has been making, (but, of course, not selling) the stuff for years. Now, they finally get to distribute it for $75 a bottle. Hey, it’s cheaper than a trip to Prague. [Alameda distiller helps make absinthe legitimate again]

Olivia Wu (finally) brings us a new installment of her seafood column, with a rather lengthy portrait of a local family who have wonderful traditions that they’ve brought with them to their nice, new house and they have lovely children and still spend time with their dear friend who introduced them… wait, isn’t this a seafood column? Oh, and there’s a quick, four-paragraph mention of actual crab-cooking techniques. Sheesh. [Seafood by the Season]

Big doings over at Myth: Apparently the Fi-Di staple has been sold, and the new owner is bringing in its own executive chef and sommelier, meaning current executive chef Sean O’Brien and sommelier Alex Fox are getting the boot. Merry Christmas, guys! [Inside Scoop]

The tasting panel really seemed to like Trader Joe’s smoked salmon. [Taster’s Choice]

And a bunch of caterers kick down party-hosting hints for the holidays. [Simply lavish: Caterers divulge their top tips and crowd-pleasing recipes]

The Chronicle Over Coffee