The Chronicle Over Coffee

Okay, reader, in case you didn’t get your Chronicle today or you just haven’t braced yourself against the elements yet, here’s a peek at what’s in the food section:

Amanda Gold supplies a list of potentially give-able cookbooks, but if you’re ordering online, you’d better get to it, as most websites have today or tomorrow as the deadline for orders to arrive by Christmas Eve. [Cook’s Books: Bevy of books for the home chef]

Ms. Gold also takes us into the kitchen, where she is browning butter, a nice tip for all that holiday baking that you’ll surely have time to do. [Liquid gold: What could be better than butter? Wait until you try browning it.]

There’s also a unique and insanely complicated recipe for seafood chowder that sounds delicious if you could ever possibly get it right. [South to North: Seafood chowder, Patricia’s way]

Over at Taster’s Choice, the panel reviewed sugar-free chocolate. ‘Nuff said. [Taster’s Choice: Sugar-free chocolate sweetens holidays]

It seems Chronicle Staffer Olivia Wu, whose Seafood by the Season column has always entertained us, is leaving the paper to open a restaurant at Google. [The Inside Scoop]

And the Slow Club team this week opens a new joint, Serpentine, in Dogpatch. We’ll get a menu up ASAP. Promise. [What’s New: Serpentine opens in San Francisco]

The Chronicle Over Coffee